Having a house at the beach

Having a house at the beach

Maybe you come from a landlocked country where they see the sea only in pictures. That’s completely ok. For someone, who lives by the sea their whole life is something like this completely normal, yet still magical scenery.


The sea has been drawing people from all countries and origins for millennia and centuries before! All the great civilizations have been created near the sea and oceans because that’s where freshwater is from the mountains and where all the fish are. It’s just so easy to live in such a climate – you have easy access to food, water, land, and also trade.


The sea is in its own sense a very unique feature. Imagine waking up to the cries of seagulls on the shores, the sun is rising, shining with its beams through the windows right onto your face and you immediately smell the saltiness of the sea and the light breeze. Or you want to feel the atmosphere of the enraged sea during the night storm? Where the winds blow cruel and the waves rage and hit on the shores below your house and you watch this amazing spectacle from the safety of your beach house and marvel at the might of the oceans?


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